Strategy. Improvement. Maintenance.

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Why do some improvement activities sustain and others fade away? One of the key enablers to successfully implementing any continuous improvement activities is linking them back to a need. Policy deployment is the process of disseminating Company objectives through the organisation to align all activity back to the overall vision.

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Understanding the issues

So, what should an Organisation work on? Understanding the issues that an Organisation has is the starting point of Policy Deployment. Taking into account external and internal factors helps to form the vital few objectives. At OpEx Solutions we typically measure under the domains of Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Morale and Environment (SQCDME). The understanding of current performance and the gaps to desired performance forms the basis of the initial objective setting.

Involving the whole team

Policy Deployment is not about telling people what they should do, the "catch ball" process is the cross-functional negotiation where strategies and targets are set by the departments/Pillars. Cross-functional team work is the basis of this, where functions work together to solve issues rather than relying on a single department.

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