Strategy. Improvement. Maintenance.

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Operational Excellence is the continuous elimination of waste and loss in a supply chain.

At OpEx Solutions we see Operational Excellence as having three core activities; Strategy, Improvement and Maintenance.

Our training, coaching and consultancy cover these three core activities, combining together to give a holistic approach and allowing our clients to achieve the results that they want in a sustainable way. OpEx Solutions utilises the proven approaches of
Lean Manufacturing and Total Productive Maintenance to achieve Operational Excellence.

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A key enabler to successful continuous improvement is the alignment of activity to Company objectives. At OpEx Solutions we use Policy Deployment to achieve this. We can also assist Organisations understand their losses by a series of diagnostic techniques such as cost/loss analysis and value stream mapping.
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Whilst Focused Improvement is a very powerful approach the ability to sustain improvements is critical. OpEx Solutions offers a suite of maintenance approaches that aim at not only holding the gains but also moving the Organisation to a more preventative and proactive mode.
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Our Focused Improvement is a structured team-based improvement approach that has proven time and again to be able to deliver great results. The approach is simple and logical making it easy for teams to understand and build capability to carry out their own activities.