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Autonomous Maintenance

Autonomous Maintenance is a structured approach to develop equipment competent operators and empower them to look after their equipment. At OpEx Solutions we use the JIPM standard 7-step model that build capability through practical activity.

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Establishing Basic Conditions

Autonomous Maintenance is built of a series of logical steps aimed at supporting the achievement of zero breakdowns, zero defects and zero accidents. The first phase of activity is to establish great basic condition, to ensure the process operates and is operated in the right way every time.

The activities include learning that cleaning is inspection, making improvements to make it easier to maintain the standard and understanding about the importance of lubrication.

Enhanced Knowledge

One of the main outcomes of the Autonomous Maintenance journey is the increase in knowledge for all those that take part. Asking a team to describe how their equipment works and then giving them the chance to learn about it can reveal a pot of hidden talent. In the later steps, especially General Inspection, skills are developed further in particular technical areas appropriate for the organisation.

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Optimal Conditions

Each of the Autonomous Maintenance steps builds from the previous. In the last phase this means setting and maintaining optimal conditions supporting the zero breakdowns, zero defects and zero accidents aim of TPM. At this phase there is increased linkage to the other Pillars such as Quality Maintenance and SHE.

For companies that have taken this route not only are the results impressive but they also realise the cultural benefits of autonomous teams.
Without involvement, there is no commitment.
Stephen R. Covey