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Lean became popularised with the publication of “The Machine That Changed The World” and “Lean Thinking”. A Lean system is one where waste is continuously eliminated. These wastes are; Overproduction, Inventory, Transportation, (over)Process, Idle Time, Operator Motion and Bad Quality. To achieve this there are many tools and techniques that can be used such as 5S, standard work, visual management, problem solving, line balance and more.

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A Lean supply chain is based on the continuous elimination of waste. However, waste, especially inventory, is often present due to poor reliability of processes. At OpEx Solutions, we see reliability improvement as a critical enabler for a Lean organisation. We offer a range of approaches that can be used to improve and maintain reliable process inputs.

Conversely, what should an organisation do with a very reliable process? The natural progression is to develop a Lean supply chain!

Value Stream Mapping

A Lean transformation can sound daunting, removing the waste that currently allows an Organisation to cope with the issues that it has such as breakdowns, poor quality, inadequate skills etc. At OpEx Solutions we use value stream mapping to show the current and future states and the implementation plan required to get to the future state.

Contact us to learn how Value Stream Mapping and Lean can help your organisation.

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