Strategy. Improvement. Maintenance.

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Training and Education

Throughout TPM and Lean, ensuring that skills and knowledge are improved and enhanced is important in the continued elimination and prevention of loss and waste. The Training and Education pillar links to the other pillars such as autonomous maintenance and focused improvement to ensure the relevant skills are given to the Organisations employees.

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Understanding the gap

The Training and Education pillar develops systems to allow other pillars/departments to identify required skills and then measure the current level of skill that the organisation has. This skills analysis has multiple uses not least of which is to identify what skills gaps there are.

Bridge the gap

Once skills gaps have been identified these need to be closed. The Training and Education pillar helps develop training programmes and approaches with the other pillars to do this. Training effectiveness is often measured so that the training can be further improved.

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It is people who design, build, make, process and operate, people that maintain, people that innovate and improve. People are at the heart of TPM and it is people that will make TPM a success!
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